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The Core acts on a fee-for-service basis running two main types of assays: single analyte ELISA assays measured on a SpectroMax M2 ELISA plate reader, and multi-analyte “multiplex” assays which are read on a BioPlex 200 assay system, and provide results on each sample for 2 to 22 different biomarkers (a.k.a., cytokines or biomarkers or analytes). Because of the wide variety of analyte choices and the nature of the testing techniques and commercial reagents employed, this lab functions in a unique way, only running assays in batch at the end of studies, as required by each individual investigator. As the minimum purchasing unit of reagents is typically aimed for one 96-well test plate, sample numbers close to multiples of 80 are optimal to keep the lab working efficiently and reduce the cost per test for the client. The assay results are considered “Research Use Only” and are not to be used for clinical diagnostic or therapeutic decision-making purposes, another reason they are not performed in “real time”, and are therefore not in competition with Hospital or outside medical laboratories, but are ideally suited for medical and dental studies where measures of inflammation, hormones and other biomarkers in cohorts of study subjects or mammalian animal models are informative.


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Advantages of using the Cytokine & Biomarkers Core:

Our combined decades of experience in performing and analyzing these immunochemistry assays, as well as advising clients from the earliest stages of small and large projects, assure the best chance for obtaining useful, valid study results. Little-known pitfalls in the performance of these assays await the unwary grad student or novice technician, and it is unwise to risk an important study objective of 6 or 7-figure projects to try to save a few hundred dollars. Additionally, while many labs may have ELISA readers, very few have multiplex instrumentation like the Bio-Plex 200 that can support determination of multiple analytes using less sample volume than most single ELISA assays. Our TURNKEY SERVICE includes assistance with study design, provision of barcode labels and sample cryostorage tubes as well as sample storage at -80C (or liquid Nitrogen) for the duration of the study and up to a year after analysis. Finally, our buying power provides discounts of up to 30% for many of the reagent kits used, and these savings are passed on directly to the client.


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